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We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss. Our experience, coupled with our perspective on the importance of ceremony, will help you discover ways to pay tribute. Whether traditional or unique, these tributes allow us to love, laugh, and live well again. Follow our journey to our new facility, click here.

We will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique.

- Staff Members of J.T. Fisher Funeral Services


  • Dear J.T. Fisher Family, Thank you for your thoughtful preparation and excellent attention to detail during our most difficult time of loss. We deeply appreciate the comfort of your support and the kindness of care (your) with the funeral arrangements in loving memory of our father, Wilbur A. Lamb. May God bless and keep you all in his tender care! Sincerely, Tim Lamb & The Lamb Family (FIETTS)
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    Tim Lamb
  • Nikki & Jeff Fisher, Even though you didn't have to do it, you did it anyway. And it was much appreciated. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help through my difficult time of need. Mrs. Nikki Vinson
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    Nikki Vinson
  • With Special Thanks Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered. The Davis Family
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    Charles Davis
  • On behalf of my son, Rev. Keith Paige, and the entire Paige family, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the "final care professionals" of J. T. Fisher Funeral Services who provided commendable service to meet our needs during the planning and observance of the Service of Witness to the Resurrection for our beloved wife and mother, Frances R. Paige. How blessed we were to be the recipients of the assistance of the competent staff who guided us through the process of making funeral service arrangements that provided our loved one the level of dignity and respect that she deserved. We applaud the skilled embalmers who have mastered the art of embalming and used their amazing expertise to create, for the viewers, a life-like, sleeping appearance. We also commend the friendly, personable, competent limousine chauffer who provided us safe, luxurious transportation. We praise God as we applaud you and thank you for your dedication and excellent work. We extend our admiration, best wishes and prayers as you continue to render this valuable service to families during this difficult time in their lives. With sincere gratitude, Oliver L. Paige
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    Oliver L. Paige
  • Nicole, Yolanda and Giovanni, The food is all gone, the cards have been read and the comforting well wishers have returned back to their homes and respective lives. Although our hearts are still heavy with our loss of Mama (Frances R. Paige), we are comforted by the wonderful, caring and professional service that you rendered in our time of need. You received us with that difficult balance of empathy in the midst of our grief and comfort in the midst of our loss. You all sat down with us and patiently walked us through the entire process making our concerns your highest priority. You all especially facilitated our unique transportation concerns with clarity and precision. We are still receiving compliments on the funeral and what a blessed home going it was. I realize that yours is sometimes a thankless labor. Families are so focused on their grief that they do not take the time to recognize the good work that you do. So, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for a job well done. Know that when we remember Mama’s death, we will also remember that you all were there for us. God bless you in your continued ministry. With Gratitude, Rev. Keith O. Paige, Pastor Cherry Hill Community Presbyterian Church Baltimore, Maryland P.S. Give a special thank you to Chevy! She was so patient in chauffeuring us around!
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    Mrs. Frances Paige Family
  • The staff made a very hard time easier. Very professional buy pleasant.
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    Angela Brown
  • Professional driver. He was respectful and courteous.
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    Frederick Coleman
  • We would like to thank you so very much for the way and time frame of your services! Having no insurance, we were forced to solicit donations for payment of your services. We thank you so very much for not taking advantage of us and refusing donations once the cost was met, which in my mind and heart shows what kind of people you are. We will certainly use and recommend your firm to anyone who needs your services. We ask God for a double portion of blessings for you and your business. Thank you, LaVern Hardy-Jordan
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    Lavern Hardy-Jordan
  • Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything that you all did for my family. You all did an amazing job and I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. Sincerely, The Dew Family
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    The Dew Family
  • J.T. Fisher and his team provided us with excellent service. The kindness of the staff...went well beyond duty - service from a true heart of caring for/about my family.
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    Monica Custis

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